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Dear Marcos, .... you are a great guitar player. Beautiful and elegant playng. So beautiful arrangement for Arrastão. Your musicians play very well. Beautiful arrangements, unexpected and full of harmonic knowledge.  ... My sincere congratulations.

ULISSES ROCHA                 

“… a performer and composer with sensibility, accuracy and delicacy. Besides the abilities he has as a producer, Marcos Davi comes to make a name for himself in the instrumental music world.”


“...You play very well, Davi! A very clean sound, and so well played. The first track ( Três Sóis, Três Luas) is so beautiful. I think your Cd is all beautiful. I`ve been listening to it in my car. Congratulations!"

SID JACOBS - Guitar Institute of Technology, L.A., California

“…Your CD sounds great. I love the compositions and your playing. You are a very talented musician. I hope we get the chance to get together sometime in the future.  It would be fun to find some common musical ground and play..."


 “...I really liked it! Congratulations! A very good and sophisticated technique and harmony. A so defined composition style as well. …So beautiful! It touched me so much. I’m very happy. Congratulations and keep up the good work! "

LUIS BÍSSIGO - Zero Hora – Brazilian News

“The album “Criação” is a promise of a very important Brazilian composer and instrumentalist…”


I am a Brazilian jazz guitarist and composer. Around the world it is said that I play "Brazilian lyrical jazz". It's all right. It's beautiful to hear.

My musical life was founded on Egberto Gismonti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Heitor Villa-lobos and W. A. ​​Mozart.

I make no distinction to musical genres. My music brings the natural connection of the guitar to classical music, jazz, choro and  samba.

I love the Brazilian literature and admire Russian writers, especially Vladimir Nabukov.
I like philosophy, languages, human behavior, Arabian culture, airplanes and plastic models. I also like looking at pictures of faces - Sharbat Gula, Luiza Brunet, Audrey Hepburn, Miles Davis and Chat Baker, who is one of the saddest and most beautiful faces I've ever seen.

My immense joy: artists who woke me to music praised my CDs. Edu Lobo, Ulisses Rocha, Roberto Menescal and Sid Jacobs are some of those whom I love and respect immensely.

I performed several times in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, Holland and Uruguay.

The silence inspires me. 

I just remember a line by Caetano Veloso: "João Gilberto is one of the few reasons that justify breaking the silence."

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I has already  worked with Adriana Deffenti,  Adriana Valejo,  Alessandro Penezzi,  Alex Rossi (Holland),  Carlos Goméz (Uruguay), Carol Andrade,  Cau Karam, Cezar Audi, Claudio Guida Machado,  Christiano Rocha,  Christian McCarty,  Cristiano Petagna, Danny Calixto,  Dieter Buchwalder (Switzerland), Diogo Carvalho,  Edu Letti,  Euclides Marques,  Emilio Mendonça, Evandro Gracelli,  Fábio Santini, Fábio Zaganin,  Florencia Lanzaro (Uruguay), Florian Abt (Switzerland),  Gabriela Morgare (Uruguay), Guy Potier (France),  James Liberato,  Luizinho Santos,  Lisette Spinller (Switzerland),  Lucie Etiene (France),  Márcio Celli,  Márcio Tubino,  Michael Stultz (Switzerland),  Mico Louruz (Belgium),  Mozart Mello,  Nuno Prestes, Roger Jannotta (Germany/USA),  Rui Barossi, Torsten Klentz (Germany), Ulisses Rocha, Zezo Ribeiro, Vinícius Correa, Vlad Rocha, Vivi Keller, Wanderson Bersani, beside so many other artists.